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The following links represent component and IC manufacturers and other companies with whom Modelithics works closely to provide top-quality models for RF/microwave design.

If you are a supplier of RF/Microwave devices, please contact us about joining our Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) program, and having your company linked below, by sending an inquiry to .

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Garrett Electronics

Garrett Electronics is a leader in supplying electronic component kits for engineering design and development laboratories. All kits are custom built by Garrett Electronics at our facility in Santa Maria, California. We use only quality passive and discrete semiconductor components from our inventory of authorized manufacturers’ products. Garrett’s engineering design kits are available for a variety of components such as resistive products, capacitors, inductive products, circuit protection devices and semiconductors. Packaging options include individual boxes or bags stored in notebooks, storage cases, cabinets with drawers, and production ready reels in bins. For more information visit Garrett's website or call 1-800-767-0081.

GGB Industries

For more than 20 years, GGB Industries, Inc., has been manufacturing precision test instruments, cables, and calibration substrates for the semi-conductor industry. Our Picoprobe line of microwave and oscilloscope probes covers a broad spectrum of testing needs.


Gowanda Electronics designs and manufactures application-specific and standard inductors for RF and Power applications in the OEM marketplace. Gowanda's technical expertise, custom capabilities, lead and lead-free (RoHS) designs, and industry certifications have established Gowanda as a leading supplier of high-performance magnetic and non-magnetic components in Medical & Diagnostic Equipment, Military/Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Monitoring Systems, Communications. MVP page > >