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The following links represent component and IC manufacturers and other companies with whom Modelithics works closely to provide top-quality models for RF/microwave design.

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Maury Microwave

Founded in 1957, Maury Microwave Corporation is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative RF & microwave test & measurement equipment, including mechanical and solid state automated tuner systems and large signal network analyzers LSNA. Maury Microwave is a channel partner of Keysight providing RF device characterization systems and solutions. The company is located at 2900 Inland Empire Blvd., Ontario, CA 91764. For more information about Maury Microwave Corporation, please visit, or call 909-987-4715.


Since 1988 MDT has served the microwave industry as a leading supplier of microwave semiconductor devices and microwave sensors. MDT’s semiconductor devices include PIN diodes, Schottky diodes, Varactor diodes, IMPATT diodes and Gunn devices. MDT has expertise in GaAs and silicon technology. Throughout our existence we have developed numerous products for military and industrial applications that have created solutions for our world wide customer base. For more information visit MDT’s website,, or contact us at 978 692-7800. MVP page > >

Microwave Journal

Microwave Journal® is the resource for working RF, Microwave and Wireless engineers through print, online and industry events. The magazine reaches 50,000 readers with the most respected editorial content in its field. Engineers are provided with the latest in technical information, special reports, new products and news shaping the current and future landscape of RF/Microwave communications. Engineers also turn to Microwave Journal® online at, which was established in 1993 and has more than 50,000 registered users. Additionally, Microwave Journal® manages the world`s largest and industry leading trade-shows including the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, European Microwave Week and IEEE MTT-S Radio and Wireless Symposium. MVP page > >

Microwaves & RF

Articles and technical information about higher frequency RF - providing news, products and industry coverage. Our goal is to provide concise, useful information that will help our readers stay informed and get their jobs done more quickly and efficiently. MVP page > >


Mini-Circuits is the world’s largest manufacturer of mixers, and offers a diversified product line providing signal processing solutions for communications, wireless and cellular, medical, test instrumentation, satellite links, receivers, PC assemblies, computers, digital and analog acquisition, military, UHF/VHF transmitters, telephony, cable/TV broadcasting, aircraft and aerospace, and radar. MVP page > >


MOSIS is an integrated circuit fabrication service where you can purchase prototype and small-volume production quantities of integrated circuits and related products. MOSIS lowers the cost of fabrication by combining designs from many customers onto multi-project wafers, thereby significantly decreasing the cost of each design.


From core electronics for mobile phones, computers, and audio-visual equipment to new applications for automotive electronics, environment/energy and healthcare: In an even broader range of fields, Murata is creating new value as an "Innovator in Electronics®", Opening up a bright future. MVP page > >