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The following links represent component and IC manufacturers and other companies with whom Modelithics works closely to provide top-quality models for RF/microwave design.

If you are a supplier of RF/Microwave devices, please contact us about joining our Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) program, and having your company linked below, by sending an inquiry to .

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TriQuint Semiconductor is the leader in high-performance RF components for wireless communication. TriQuint's components enable quicker design turns, higher performance, lower part count and lower overall solution cost. Partner with the GaAs, SAW, BAW, and GaN technology experts. MVP page > >

QuinStar Technology, Inc.

QuinStar Technology is an ISO 9001:2000 certified millimeter-wave technology company offering innovative product solutions. QuinStar was founded in March 1993 by seasoned managers who gained extensive experience in millimeter-wave while working at major aerospace firms. QuinStar has expertise with millimeter-wave products, microelectronic assembly, rapid prototyping and mass customization. We serve established as well as emerging markets and system applications in the commercial, scientific and defense arenas.