Florida RF Labs/EMC Technology
Florida RF Labs is an internationally recognized leader in the development and manufacture of high quality thin film microwave resistive products, and high reliability RF and microwave coaxial cable assemblies. Our products are used in military, space, commercial, broadcast and medical applications.

Modelithics™ Models for Florida RF Labs / EMC Technology

Modelithics Global Models™ reliably track how the performance of the components will change with substrate characteristics, as illustrated in the Global Model data sheet for each component. Global Models automatically scale all substrate-sensitive parasitics with nominal part value, enabling accurate simulations of a complete component family with a single model. The data sheet also demonstrates the good measured to modeled agreement that can be expected from using this model on the appropriate pads and substrate settings.

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Vendor Part Number Modelithics Part Number Device Type Body Style Global Part Values Upr Validation Freq (GHz) Example Data Features*
CE X XXX N XXX SMTF FEQ-FRF-CExxxxN0xxSMTF-001 - *1 Equalizer Chip 20 S-Parameters VS
CRxxxxD RES-FRF-CRxxxxD_100-001 Resistor Various 100 Ohms 30 S-Parameters VS
CTxxxxD RES-FRF-CTxxxxD_050-001 Resistor Various 50 Ohms 30 S-Parameters VS

* Legend
BB - Broad Band Capacitor      FL - Flicker Noise (1/F)      IM - 3rd order IMD validated      LP - Load Pull      NL - Non-Linear      NP - Noise Parameter      PD - Pad de-embedding
OS - Orientation Selectable     PS - Pad Scaling             SS - Substrate Scalable             TS - Temperature Scalable      VS - Part Value Scalable/Selectable
BW - Bondwire de-embedding      SP - S-Parameter Data Model      XP - X-Parameter model

- Model is also available for FREE in the Modelithics SELECT(+) library

1 - The EMC/RF Labs CE X XXX N XXX SMTF is a discontinued part number. The SLC Library part number FEQ-FRF-CExxxxN0xxSMTF-001 is the correct model for this device and is retained in the library for legacy-design purposes.