Johanson Technology

Modelithics™ Models for Johanson Components

Modelithics Global Models™ reliably track how the performance of the components will change with substrate characteristics, as illustrated in the Global Model data sheet for each component. Global models automatically scale all substrate-sensitive parasitics with nominal part value, enabling accurate simulations of a complete component family with a single model. The data sheet also demonstrates the good measured to modeled agreement that can be expected from using this model on the appropriate pads and substrate settings.

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Global Models are available for Keysight ADS, AWR Microwave Office, and Keysight Genesys. The models listed below can be purchased individually or as part of the complete Modelithics CLR Library.

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Vendor Part Number Modelithics Part Number Device Type Body Style Global Part Values Upr Validation Freq (GHz) Example Data Features*
L-05Cxxx IND-JOH-0201-001 Inductor 0201 1 - 39 nH 20 S-Parameters SS, VS
L-07Cxxx IND-JOH-0402-002 Inductor 0402 1 - 120 nH 20 S-Parameters SS, VS
L-07Wxxx IND-JOH-0402-001 Inductor 0402 1.0 - 120 nH 20 S-Parameters SS, VS
R05L CAP-JOH-0201-001 Capacitor 0201 0.1 - 100 pF 20 S-Parameters SS, PS, VS
R05L CAP-JOH-0201-101 Capacitor 0201 0.2 - 56 pF 20 SS, PS, VS
R05L CAP-JOH-0201-201 Capacitor 0201 0.1 - 100 pF 20 SS, PS, VS
R07S CAP-JOH-0402-001 Capacitor 0402 0.1 - 33 pF 20 S-Parameters SS, PS, VS
R14S CAP-JOH-0603-001 Capacitor 0603 0.1 - 100 pF 10 S-Parameters SS, PS, VS
R14S CAP-JOH-0603-101 Capacitor 0603 0.1-100 pF 20 SS, PS, VS
R15S CAP-JOH-0805-001 Capacitor 0805 0.1 - 220pF 20 SS, VS, PS, OS
S42E CAP-JOH-S42E-001 Capacitor 1111 0.2 - 1000 pF 6 S-Parameters SS, VS

* Legend
BB - Broad Band Capacitor      FL - Flicker Noise (1/F)      IM - 3rd order IMD validated      LP - Load Pull      NL - Non-Linear      NP - Noise Parameter      PD - Pad de-embedding
OS - Orientation Selectable     PS - Pad Scaling             SS - Substrate Scalable             TS - Temperature Scalable      VS - Part Value Scalable/Selectable
BW - Bondwire de-embedding      SP - S-Parameter Data Model      XP - X-Parameter model

- Model is also available for FREE in the Modelithics SELECT(+) library