Modelithics™ Models for MDT Components

Modelithics high accuracy measurement-based models reliably track how component performance will change with various input parameters over a specified frequency range documented in a model information data sheet for each component. Modelithics surface-mount diode models covers varactor, Schottky and PIN diodes of different capacitance ranges and package sizes. The equivalent circuit models are extracted from precision DC-IV, capacitance and S-parameter measurements. The models also include features such as substrate scaling, and are validated over temperature and RF input power. Shown on this page are specific MDT diode models developed for the benefit of designers seeking improved simulation accuracy and more rapid design success. The models listed below can be purchased individually or as part of the complete Modelithics NLD non-linear diode model library.

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Vendor Part Number Modelithics Part Number Device Type Body Style Global Part Values Upr Validation Freq (GHz) Example Data Features*
MP6250-P2715 PIN-MDT-FLCH-001 Pin Chip 30 NL

* Legend
BB - Broad Band Capacitor      FL - Flicker Noise (1/F)      IM - 3rd order IMD validated      LP - Load Pull      NL - Non-Linear      NP - Noise Parameter      PD - Pad de-embedding
OS - Orientation Selectable     PS - Pad Scaling             SS - Substrate Scalable             TS - Temperature Scalable      VS - Part Value Scalable/Selectable
BW - Bondwire de-embedding      SP - S-Parameter Data Model      XP - X-Parameter model

- Model is also available for FREE in the Modelithics SELECT(+) library