State of the Art

Modelithics high accuracy measurement-based models reliably track how component performance will change with various input parameters over a specified frequency range documented in a model information data sheet for each component.

Our unique Global Models™ for passive components are part-value and substrate scalable. Every model includes complete documentation detailing the test fixtures used, measurement conditions, and model-to-measurement data comparisons.

While our complete Global Models are not available for State-of-the-art resistors, we have provided on this page some very useful design data derived from precise measurements made by Modelithics as described in the data information sheet below. This data is provided for free.

For more information about substrate-scalable and part-value scalable Global Models or non-linear active device models please contact or call 813.866.6335.

Click HERE to download the State of the Art Resistor Fixture Information.

Vendor Part Number Modelithics Part Number Device Type Body Style Global Part Values Upr Validation Freq (GHz) Example Data Features*
S0202AF50R0FEB RESSP-SOTA-0202-001 Resistor 0202 50 Ohms 40 S-Parameters SP
S0303AF50R0FWB RESSP-SOTA-0303-001 Resistor 0303 50 Ohms 40 S-Parameters SP
S0505AF50R0FEB RESSP-SOTA-0505-001 Resistor 0505 50 Ohms 20 S-Parameters SP
S0505CF50R0FHB RESSP-SOTA-0505-002 Resistor 0505 50 Ohms 20 S-Parameters SP
S0505DF50R0FEW RESSP-SOTA-0505-003 Resistor 0505 50 Ohms 20 S-Parameters SP
S0505EF50R0FEW RESSP-SOTA-0505-004 Resistor 0505 50 Ohms 20 S-Parameters SP
S0603CF50R0FHB RESSP-SOTA-0603-001 Resistor 0603 50 Ohms 20 S-Parameters SP

* Legend
BB - Broad Band Capacitor      FL - Flicker Noise (1/F)      IM - 3rd order IMD validated      LP - Load Pull      NL - Non-Linear      NP - Noise Parameter      PD - Pad de-embedding
OS - Orientation Selectable     PS - Pad Scaling             SS - Substrate Scalable             TS - Temperature Scalable      VS - Part Value Scalable/Selectable
BW - Bondwire de-embedding      SP - S-Parameter Data Model      XP - X-Parameter model

- Model is also available for FREE in the Modelithics SELECT(+) library