The Modelithics COMPLETE Library™
An indispensable collection of the industry's most advanced simulation models for passive components, transistors, diodes and more. These reliable, measurement-based models maximize the RF/MW electronic design automation (EDA) process, reduce design cycle times, and lower product development cost. With a few EASY steps, the Modelithics Model Libraries are ready to use in EDA tools.

  • Version 12.1 for NI AWRDE released
  • 55 + NEW models
  • Discrete part value selection and optimization for most CLR models
  • AWRDE v12 compatible
  • NI (formerly AWR Corporation) announces that NI AWR Design Environment™ is featured with AWR Connected™ partner Modelithics, Inc. in two new application notes and a video interview. Full article
NI/AWRDE Video interview from the IMS 2015

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Modelithics Offer's Free Custom Modeling

Offer is good for commercially available passive or active devices not yet in our library to customers purchasing one or more licenses of Modelithics COMPLETE Library.

Passive Component (CLR™) Library Eliminate bench tuning and concentrate on your next design. The versatility and accuracy of our substrate- and part value-scalable models help to ensure proper component selection at the simulation stage.

The CLR Library contains RF/MW simulation models for EDA software. It includes various component body-sizes and part values for capacitors, inductors, and resistors.
CLR Library Model Listing

CLR Overview

Benchmark Filter Kit
Non-linear Diode (NLD™) Library Get the most from your RF/MW EDA software, reduce cycle times, and lower product development costs. Surface mount parts simply do not behave the same on all substrates, regardless of the technology.

The versatility and accuracy of Modelithics substrate-scalable and non-linear diode models help to ensure proper component selection at the simulation stage, enabling first-pass of your diode based circuits. Accurate simulations get your designs from concept to market faster.
NLD Library Model Listing

NLD Overview
Non-linear Transistor (NLT™) Library Circuit board iterations can be eliminated by combining the power of your EDA simulation software with the industry's best and most well documented transistor models-designs. Go from concept to market more cost effectively and faster than ever.

These reliable, measurement- based transistor models improve simulation-based RF/MW design flow, reduce design cycle time, and lower product development costs.
NLT Library Model Listing

NLT Overview
System Level Component (SLC™) Library This new library utilizes our proven precision measurement extraction techniques developed for our other RF/MW component model libraries. The linear and non-linear models for functional system blocks includes filters, switches, attenuators, transformers and mixers and are a perfect compliment to our other libraries.

Design engineers can expect a significant reduction in bench-tuning and prototype iterations while using our system level component libraries.
SLC Library Model Listing

SLC Overview
Modelithics SELECT(+) Library (SELECT) The Modelithics SELECT library is a set of sample and free models. The library contains a selection of Global CLR™ models (capacitors, inductors and resistors) as well as some non-linear diode and transistor models.

This library is available for free and can be found on the FREE Modelithics' tools page. Some models in the library require a license to run which can be requested using the SELECT Request Form.
SELECT Library Model Listing
Modelithics Pre-Release Library Can't find the model you need? Be sure to check our Pre-Release Library. It includes many passive and active components that can be quick-turn/low cost solutions to having a complete model set for your entire circuit.

Contact our Sales Team and let us know about your interest in a quote for one or more of the pre-release models.
Pre-Release Library Model Listing