Calculation Assumptions
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Engineering Salary$ 
Technician Salary$ 
Management Salary$ 
Overhead Rate(Use .75 = 75%) Benefits, pro-rated lab equipment, administrative costs
Avg. Engineer/Technician Supervision Rate(Use .75 = 75%) For layout, characterization and troubleshooting
Time Per Management Project Review Meeting 
  • The total number of iterations includes the first pass plus any additional design iterations.
  • Without improved models, in-house char./modeling and bench tuning are assumed to be performed along with the initial design characterization and at least 2 iterations (including first pass) are required.
  • With improved models, no bench tuning or char./modeling, required and at least one fewer iteration needed to complete design.
  • Iteration Design Effort at Reduced Effort to That of Initial Design/testing and tuning same as initial design (labor re-use factors are 50% for labor and 10% for other costs)