RF/Microwave Measurement • Passive Modeling • Active Modeling

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Request for Quotation (RFQ)
To receive a detailed quotation, download one of the following RFQ forms. Once complete return it to us via email to or you may fax it to us at (813) 866-6334.
  • Passive RFQ - Request form for characterization or modeling of capacitors, resistors, inductors, filters, attenuators, or other passive devices
  • Active RFQ - Request form for characterization or modeling of diodes, transistors, amplifiers, RFICs, or other active devices.
Library customers – add new models at a discount
As a Modelithics Library customer, special-order models for popular components are provided at a significant discount compared to our standard custom modeling prices. Once developed, your new special-order models will be provided as an interim upgrade to your companies’ Modelithics Library installation.
Modelithics provides rapid turn-around, RF/microwave characterization and modeling services customized to your application. We have distinguished ourselves through attention to detail, responsiveness to customers, and unmatched competency.
  Characterization Services
Our extensive array of test and measurement equipment, plus years of experience, allow us to measure an extremely wide variety of component and system parameters, including: S-parameters, IV characteristics, load pull, and noise parameters.
  Modeling Services Careful measurement and extensive knowledge of current EDA tools allow us to create precision models for passive and active components that yield accurate simulations and speed your product development.
Through cooperation with Keysight Technologies , Modelithics is now very pleased to offer our customers non-linear X-Parameter measurement services. See our Press Release, Measurement generated X-Parameter service , and Simulation generated X-parameter service for more information.