Modelithics University Program
The team at Modelithics is committed to advancing educational opportunities for students of Electrical Engineering and related disciplines.
University We have developed the Modelithics University Program for university faculty and faculty-supervised students for use in academic projects and course-work. (For use in consulting and similar external use purposes, please contact Modelithics). Our Model Library software product is available for use with Keysight ADS, AWR Microwave Office and Keysight Genesys EDA tools.

New Applications

You need to register on the website in order to be considered for this program. Click to Register

After registering on the website, please complete the applicable form and return to

Modelithics COMPLETE University Request Form
Modelithics Qorvo GaN Library University Request Form

Renewal Applications

University faculty and faculty-supervised students previously enrolled in our University Program may be eligible for an extension of our software licenses. For consideration, please complete the University License Extension Request and return to

We will contact you after reviewing the application. Modelithics management reserves the right to decline approval of any application.

The following universities have benefitted from this program:

  Arizona State University
  Auburn University
  Baylor University
  Bilkent University
  Brandenburg University of Technology
  Cardiff University
  Chalmers University of Technology
  City College of New York
  Cornell University
  Delft University of Technology
  Drexel University
  Durham University
  FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH
  Georgia Institute of Technology
  Georgia Tech Research Institute
  Istanbul Technical University
  John Hopkins University/ Applied Physics Lab
  Kyung Hee University
  Kyungpook National University
  Leeds University
  Macquarie University
  Morgran State University
  Nanyang Tech. University
  North-West University
  Portland State University
  Queen's University
  Rutgers University
  Stanford University
  Texas A&M University
  Texas Tech University
  Tezpur University
  TH-Koeln Cologne University of Applied Sciences
  The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  The University of Birmingham
  tu berlin
  Universiti Teknologi Petronas
  University College Dublin
  University Erlangen Nuremberg
  University Malaysia Perlis
  University of Arizona ECE Department
  University of Birmingham
  University of Calgary
  University of California, Davis
  University of California, Irvine
  University of California, San Diego
  University of Cambridge
  University of Cantabria
  University of Central Florida
  University of Colorado at Boulder
  University of Colorado at Boulder
  University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  University of Florida
  University of Glasgow
  University of Granada
  University of Kassel
  University of Kiel
  University of Leeds
  University of Malaga
  University of Malaya
  University of Michigan
  University of Minnesota
  University of New Mexico
  University of Ottawa
  University of Perugia
  University of Quebec in Rimouski
  University of Roma Tor Verga
  University of South Florida
  University of Southern California
  University of Sydney
  University of Tennessee
  University of Toronto
  University of Vermont
  University of Waterloo
  University of Wisconsin
  UPV Universitat Politècnica de València
  Vienna University of Technology
  Villanova University
  VIT University
  Voronezh State Technical University
  Washington State University